Waipara Wines

2020 Nada Skinny Dip

$39.00 (GST incl)

Clear golden colour with wine legs. Medium plus aroma intensity, green capsicum, lychee, passionfruit, banana, caramelised pineapple on the nose. Dry with medium acidity. Orange zest and marmalade on the palate. Spicy phenolic bite due to its skin contact. Feels like “drinking” an orange outside in/ inside out.

After some air, the wine opened up so much. The magic of carbonic maceration. Served slightly chilled. Strong aroma of orange and blossom, orange blossom! A crisp, fresh orange juice sweetness hits the palate with a hint of spice, cardamon. Like a baked Indian pudding cooked in the egg (fermented in the ceramic egg). The molecular alignment of the ceramic egg presents the replica of the growth (sensory) journey of an orange (the sauvignon blanc used), from seed, to leaves, to flower to fruit, to juice, to the Skinny Dip).

Hand Picked Sauvignon Blanc from our home block.

Whole bunches left in a Ceremic Egg for 2 weeks to go through carbonic fermentation.

Pressed and matured in the egg for a further 9 months.

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